Types Of Circular Knitting Machines You Must Know About

Knitwear is one of the most popular fabrics around the world. But have you ever wondered how such massive knitwear makes it to the market? The back-stage worker in the knitting industry is a knitting machine.

Knitting machines don’t require a detailed introduction. However, each knitting machine produces a different kind of fabric. Although many types of knitted fabrics are available in the market, the jersey is the most worn. The material is stretchable, durable, and anti-wrinkling.

A circular knitting machine is primarily used for producing jersey material. Circular knitting machines differ from flat knitting ones as they have needles and yarn arranged in circular feeders for cloth production.

Classifying Circular Knitting Machines

Knitting machines are classified based on their yarn compatibility. A circular knitting machine produces a tube of fabric, unlike a flat knitting machine (which makes a flat piece). Here are some standard classes of circular knitting machines.

Single And Double Jersey Machines

The most general classification of circular knitting machines is the double and single knitting machines. A single-jersey machine has a single cylinder to house the knitting needles, which is why it produces thinner clothing compared to a double-jersey one with two cylinders implanted with needles.

Typically, the cylindrical diameter of a single jersey machine is about 30 inches. However, the figures vary depending on the machine type.

Rib Jersey Machines

A universal tip to understanding the working of a knitting machine is to contemplate its name. A rib jersey machine has two components, a dial and a cylinder implanted with needles. These pieces are arranged at a right angle, allowing the needles to create rib-like patterns and giving the machine its name.

Interlock Jersey Machines

These circular knitting machines also use a dial and a cylinder, but the component placement is significantly different. The needles on the dials and cylinders are arranged opposite to each other. Resultantly, the machine produces an interlocking pattern.

Note that the rib jersey and the interlock jersey machines are the subcategories of double jersey circular knitting machines. The following section discusses the classes of single jersey circular knitting machines.

Terry Knitting Machines

Terry knitting machines work on a technique called the plush knitting method. The device creates two thread loops. One is the longer sinker loop, and the other is the ground sinker one. The longer sinker loops are constructed, which give the fabric a velvety texture. However, the ground sinker loops are woven together to increase the fabric’s strength.

Jacquard Machines

Unlike other circular knitting machines, the jacquard ones use automatic mechanisms coupled with actuators to produce jacquard patterned fabric. The incorporated mechanisms in the machines select the appropriate needles to knit the fabric without human assistance.

Auto Striper Machines

These circular knitting machines work with an automatic yarn feeder. The feeders are reprogrammable so that the staff member can reset the settings according to the fabric types. Most circular knitting machines work with a manual feeding system. However, auto stripers are more efficient due to their automatability.

The Bottom Line

The process of creating fabric is knitting. However, man has developed intelligent machinery to produce materials resourcefully. Circular knitting machines provide efficient and reliable yarn production, which makes them ideal for industrial use.

Most textiles use numerous knitting machines. However, for making jersey fabric, circular knitting machines are mainly utilized. Each machine develops a distinct pattern and has different material compatibility. That is why you must consider which fabric you want to manufacture before investing in a circular knitting machine.



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